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Nickel wire mesh is also named nickel wire netting, nickel mesh, nickel screen, pure nickel cloth and so on.

Material: Using N4 or N6 nickel belt (outside N200 or 201), content is over 99.6-99.9%
Technical standard:
Net thickness: 0.10mm-0.35mm+/-0.01mm

Net width: 120mm more or less

Package Edge width: 2mm-2.5mm

Surface density: 200-350g

Flexibility: 180° Show off 8-10 times without cracking

Tensile strength: 40mm wide copper mesh, when it is in 300 mm length, its tensile strength is not less than 3kg.

Mesh: 2.5× 1.25

Appearances: No oxidation, oil, broken stems, burrs, deformation, fringe phenomenon.

Main use: Lithium electricity, hydrogen power, zinc and silver set of streams.

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